Why internet users hide ip address?
proxysite or turbo proxy is a free proxy server used widely by students at schools and workers in offices.proxy turbo is fast proxy server and free proxy server too.

it enables you to be safe on all internet when you use it to visit sites worldwide.

But why now adays users of internet prefer to use a proxy to be on any networks.

briefly why using proxy server is important?
proxysite which is a free proxy server enable you to an encrypted HTTPS connection Proxy site with high speed and security that never show your IP when unblocking sites.

So you can surf anonymously online.With proxysite :Your IP Address Is Hidden. ... You Can Access Geo-Blocked or Restricted Content. ... Load Times Might Be Reduced. ... Malicious Websites Can Be Filtered Out.

Proxysite.tech used as a streaming video proxy .No limits for streaming with high quality and high speed . it is a video proxy site optimized to unblock Youtube,dailymotion,vimeo and all kinds of videos.Proxy site video will act automatically by itself no direct human control to unblock videos and hide all your Data.

More than 65% of users are using Proxysite to unblock youtube videos online and gain anonymity on the Web by hidding their IP address .proxysite is actually a youtube proxy websites to bypass all limits ,borders surounding youtube from any where on the Globe.

using web proxy it means your IP will be automatically switched to an other ip address which is not yours and thats allow you to surf anonymously without exposing your real identity to the unblocked site you have visited during  your surffing  on internet.